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The Active Listener – Stuart Statements

Active listening is such a power behaviour to demonstrate within coaching and mentoring approaches.

Have you been on the receiving end of someone activity listening to you?

What are the pitfalls?

With today’s technology –  how many of us are very close to our digital devices such as phones, tablets and now watches to receive messages and emails.

I witnessed others intent on listening but are easily distracted by the surroundings and their digital devices.

Can you recall speaking to someone where active listening was demonstrated with complete intention of listening? No distractions, either digital or within the surroundings?

These behaviours tend to be demonstrated when the discussion topic is sensitive. Where the listener is in tuned to the speaker and nothing else is being considered.

I have found over time, women are more natural with active listening than men.

This maybe stereo typical and perhaps a bias of opinion.

Princess Diana was a master at active listening.

Her focus being on the person, her body language and tone of voice confirmed this.

Additionally, she would ask relevant and appropriate question to confirm her engagement.

I’ve witness other high-profile celebrities demonstrate this too.

Chat show host are particularly good at active listening as they listen to understand and extract rather than listen to respond.

I’ve spoken with mentors, colleagues and friends who were very good at active listening but a person who stands out in my mind is my mother.

She had a phrase and advice of ‘listen to the small stuff and then your children will tell you the big stuff’.

In the workplace I have found colleagues  wanting to discuss their challenges, either work based issues or personal.

I’ve always tried to provide an environment of active listening, removing distraction from sight such as my phone. I stopped wearing an Apple watch for this reason.

The behaviours that are demonstrated with active listening are key to creating an environment where the speaker can share and opening discuss their aspirations and challenges.

Its very must a visual approach rather than just listening.

Who is the person you most relate to with active listening?

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