How to Retain Skilled Workers

How to Retain Skilled Workers We have a fairly stable job market at the moment with relatively low employment. Companies are always looking to attract skilled workers who will contribute profitably to their operation. Many put in a lot of effort trying to woo just the right people. What businesses across all sectors can put […]

Positive Work Environments and Increased Productivity

The Trends Shaping up Positive Work Environments and Increasing Productivity With all of the newest trends in office work environments and the way SME’s do business, there seems to be one thing that every new trend has in common, productivity. The goal of many of today’s office trends is to increase productivity and to have […]

CMI Level 7 Strategic Coaching and Mentoring

cmi level 7 strategic coaching and mentoring

CMI Level 7 Strategic Coaching and Mentoring Courses at a glance: Develop the coaching and mentoring skills that make a difference to modern employers and learn how to influence at an operational level. A CMI mentoring course equivalent to Master’s Degree level. The perfect executive coaching certification for managers operating at a strategic level. Widen […]

CMI Level 7 Strategic Management Leadership Course

cmi level 7 strategic management and leadership practice info pdf

CMI Level 7 Strategic Management Leadership Courses Strategic planning and implementation is becoming increasingly important in the workplace and having the skills to facilitate major changes are proving invaluable to many employers. This strategic management course encourages you to develop high level skills and accelerate and improve performance in this key area. It provides the […]

Bullying in Management and How to Handle It


Bullying in Management and How to Handle It Bullying is something that many people thought they left behind in elementary school. Back then, if you were being bullied, there were two ways to handle it. You either found a teacher and told, or you dealt with the bully on the playground. Right or wrong, either […]

5 Enormous Differences Between Managers and Leaders

managers and leaders

Five enormous differences between managers and leaders Are managers and leaders different entities? While those lower down the promotional ladder might not think so, most experts will tell you there are certainly big differences and understanding these is vital if you want to run a successful company. Managers and leaders may share characteristics but there […]

Work Life Flexibility or Work Life Balance

Work Life Flexibility

In pursuit of work and life balance: Is the real issue work life flexibility? We talk a lot about work life balance nowadays. Whether it’s because we’re under so much more pressure in every aspect of life or we’re simply better informed about personal health than ever before, keeping ourselves on an even keel has […]

Delegating Effectively as a Manager

delegating effectively

The Solution to Delegating Effectively as a Manager – Monkey Management? Delegating Effectively is one of the biggest challenges managers have always faced. How do you assign a job to the right person or team? How difficult is it to give up control and let someone else handle a particular task without interfering? We tend […]

Professional Consulting Course – CMI Level 7

Professional Consulting Course

Professional Consulting Course – CMI Level 7 Do you want to further develop the professional consulting skills that really count in the workplace? Give more value to you clients and learn to apply new strategies in the real world. CMI Level 7 Professional Consulting at a glance: Study to Award, Certificate or Diploma level. A […]

What Effective Managers Really Do!

effective managers

Effective Managers: what do they really do! The role of managers seems to have expanded considerably over the years. While everybody is aware of the organisational and motivational skills required, effective managers actually handle a wide range of tasks including recruiting top talent, monitoring staff performance, supporting teams and individuals, and managing vital facilities. Better training […]