Managing change in the new normal

managing change

The world has changed, and remote working is here to stay. As a leader, you most likely know this already but what can you do to ensure your team continues to thrive and you smash your KPIs?

Lockdown 3 Special Offer

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Become A Better Leader

better leader

A crisis can be a horrible and frightening condition, but it’s also a moment where opportunities are created, to become a better leader. Uncertainty and upheaval abound during the COVID-19 pandemic and people everywhere are looking for guidance and leadership.

Stress Management During Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown have had a universal and largely detrimental effect on businesses not just here in the UK but right around the world.

Working Safely at Home During COVID-19

How Can Managers Support Their Staff to Work Safely at Home During COVID-19? With the presence of a second nationwide lockdown, many of us will be continuing to work from home.

Lockdown2 Special Offer

CMI Award Course Special Offer

Lockdown2 Special Offer     Throughout November we are offering everyone a huge £48 off any Award Level Course with Sussex Business School. Each award course can be completed in 5 – 8 weeks in time for 2021 giving you a great headstart for the new year. Award course credits can also be credited toward […]

Confidence Hacks for New Managers

Rising to a management position takes a lot of dedication, ability and hard graft. That first time you step into your business as a new manager is going to be exciting and daunting at the same time.

Gender Equality in the Workplace

Gender equality remains one of the most contentious and widely discussed issues of modern time, not only in the workplace, but in the wider world.