How to Recession Proof Your Work

How to Recession Proof Your Work Recession Proof Your Work  Due to the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries, and indeed many markets, are falling on hard times. With the ways of working being changed for longer-term than we ever thought possible, lots of businesses are furloughing staff, making cuts and making changes. […]

Personal Development Planning

Personal Development Planning Many businesses nowadays pay a lot of attention to how they develop their workforce. Managers and leaders are keen to offer staff new opportunities to learn and move their careers forward. There are huge benefits in doing this. It not only makes sense because you get a more qualified workforce but it […]

OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

The OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Why Every Experienced Manager Should Level Up Good managers are qualified to tackle teams with popular management styles. The best managers (and companies) know that the world of work is changing all the time and so must our training if we are to stay at […]

Preparing a Remote Presentation

Tips on Preparing a Remote Presentation While any good presentation takes time and effort to prepare, it’s even more challenging if you are delivering it remotely. Fortunately, there’s some pretty impressive technology available that will facilitate a remote presentation and, with a little planning, you should soon get the hang of it. Here we offer […]

The Impact of a Bad Manager on Employees

The Impact of a Bad Manager on Employees’ Mental and Physical Health  Mental health and physical health of employees has become a very popular topic in recent years as we have seen plenty of evidence that work stress and feeling unfulfilled can have catastrophic consequences on a person’s mental health. In the early stages of […]

How to Juggle Study and Work in a Crisis

Tips on How to Juggle Study and Work in a Crisis Managing work during a crisis can be highly demanding. It’s something many of us have discovered during this unprecedented Covid-19 lockdown. If you’re also trying to study and further your career, it can be even more challenging. Here we look at a few tips […]

Crisis Management Tips

Crisis Management Tips on Managing a Team A crisis can take many forms. As we’ve learned recently, the one thing they have in common is that they strike pretty much without warning and have major repercussions. Being prepared and managing your team once disaster strikes is essential. Here we look at some key ways of […]

How to Ensure Furloughed Team Members Don’t Feel Left Behind

How to Ensure Furloughed Team Members Don’t Feel Left Behind We all know that businesses all over the world have been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, causing supply chain problems, distribution problems and a lack of cash flow. Many businesses have had to furlough their staff, in fact it is estimated to be around […]

Self-Development Tips for Furloughed Workers

Self-Development Tips for Furloughed Workers In recent months, we’ve all been thrown into an alternate universe that was not of our own making. You may currently be working from home with reduced hours or you might have been furloughed and are currently wondering what the future holds. While some are now be preparing to return […]

Post Coronavirus and Work

Post Coronavirus and Work With lockdown starting to ease and many businesses letting their employees return to work, the next challenge we face is coping with the ‘new normal’. What this will actually look like is going to vary from industry to industry. The key to the post coronavirus work world, is putting a back […]