Best Management Consulting Books to Read

Management Consulting Course

Best Management Consulting Books to Read Management consulting training will teach you that a great consultant always consults. They are not necessarily the expert, but they often are the spark and always the facilitator. If you are looking at management consulting courses you may be wondering if there are any books out there that you […]

Career-Professional Development – The Gap Analysis

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Described here is an outline of how to carry out a Gap Analysis – a basic structure which can be adjusted to suit a variety of situations. The Gap Analysis is a relatively straightforward activity, but is a critically important one, so it should be carried out very carefully and very thoroughly. Following a period […]

Career Development Plan for Successful Career Change

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There are many variations of effective Career Development Planning, but here is a simple but effective outline version that can be adapted to suit your own work and personal situation, and your own career objectives. The overwhelming need when preparing this plan is to do it carefully, thoughtfully, and thoroughly, as it will be the […]

Are you a self-aware manager leader?

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What is a self-aware manager leader Ideas about being a manager and leader have changed so much over the past few years that many of today’s most effective leaders may find it hard to even get a foot in the door of the smallest company should they slip through a time-hole. Not so long ago […]