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Self-development and leadership

Self-development can be a very rewarding and wonderful experience if approached with an open mind and a honest self-reflection. It can help building strong relationships and organisational culture, improve overall performance and wellbeing of everyone involved.

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Management and leadership courses online

Why study online

2020 was a turning point for global economies shift to an online remote workforce, and it is here to stay. So why study online? Learning online is a great opportunity to equip professionals with tools and techniques needed to move forward in a new world, and help to prepare them for career advancement, demonstrating key skills to potential employers.

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managing change

Managing change in the new normal

The world has changed, and remote working is here to stay. As a leader, you most likely know this already but what can you do to ensure your team continues to thrive and you smash your KPIs?

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better leader

Become A Better Leader

A crisis can be a horrible and frightening condition, but it’s also a moment where opportunities are created, to become a better leader. Uncertainty and upheaval abound during the COVID-19 pandemic and people everywhere are looking for guidance and leadership.

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Confidence Hacks for New Managers

Rising to a management position takes a lot of dedication, ability and hard graft. That first time you step into your business as a new manager is going to be exciting and daunting at the same time.

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