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Communication Hacks for Managers

Communication Hacks for Managers As a manager, having a bag of tricks that includes communication hacks can help you boost employee engagement, get shy employees to talk to you, and help show your employees that you’re someone they can come to when they need some

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How to Manage Recurring Sickness Absence

How to Manage Recurring Sickness Absence When your company is experiencing a high number of employee absences, there are certain ways to deal with employee absences; particularly when they are caused by any sensitive issues that your employees may not have disclosed at work. Managing

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When Adults Learn

When Adults Learn There is a lot of talk lately of how adults learn, finding the right learning style and how to make the most of it. But with full-time work, exciting social lives and so much to do, we think the real question might

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How to Optimise Meetings

How to Optimise Meetings Practically anyone who has ever worked for a business has at sometime been called into a meeting. For managers and leaders it’s part and parcel of their week. You can’t really avoid them. Ask any business owner what they would like

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Managing a Team – Same or Different?

Managing a Team – Should You Treat Everyone The Same? A common question of management is whether or not you should treat everyone in the team in the same way. At first, it sounds like there is a simple solution – of course you should

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How to Concentrate in the Workplace

How to Concentrate in the Workplace It would seem that concentration is a rare commodity nowadays. We’re more willing to be distracted by the ‘shiny-shiny’ than ever before. There’s so much vying for our attention whether we’re at home or at work. Short attention spans

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Why You Should Manage People Like You Manage Money

Why You Should Manage People Like You Manage Money People management, as any successful business owner will tell you, is not easy. While juggling the finances and understanding your profits and losses can be relatively simple, putting the right people in place in your company

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How To Be a Good Listener as a Leader

How To Be a Good Listener as a Leader If you ask many great business leaders what their most important quality is, listening is almost always up there near the top. Most people don’t realise it’s a skill not a quality. You have to learn to

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How to Handle Office Politics – Emotion Vs Logic

How to Handle Office Politics – Emotion Vs Logic Office politics are unavoidable. Even if your current office has a fun and friendly environment, probability says you will face office politics at some point or another during your career. The important thing to remember is

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