Sussex Business School – New Look!

Sussex Business School’s New Look! What’s New on Our Website You may have noticed that Sussex Business School’s website has had a fresh new look!. We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop a user-friendly website and are pleased to unveil the new website to everyone, both current students and prospective students. We…


CEOs and Managers

A Look at CEOs and Upper Managers – Is it Lonely at The Top?

A Look at CEOs and Upper Managers – Is it Lonely at The Top? When we think of bettering our careers, we tend to romanticise life at the top, and dismiss the phrase ‘it’s lonely at the top’ as a half-hearted cliché. But recent research and accounts of mental health of upper management, globally, suggests…


Managers Habits

10 Invaluable Habits Managers Should Practice

Companies have to react to change, meaning managers need to regularly make changes too. Work culture, even just in the last decade, has changed drastically, but we rarely see companies prioritising the upkeep of training for staff. The best managers take time to self-reflect and best react to changes. Here are 10 invaluable habits every…


decision making

The Active listener

The Active Listener – Stuart Statements Active listening is such a power behaviour to demonstrate within coaching and mentoring approaches. Have you been on the receiving end of someone activity listening to you? What are the pitfalls? With today’s technology –  how many of us are very close to our digital devices such as phones,…


The Human Skills AI Can’t Master

The Human Skills AI Can’t Master Which You Absolutely Should With AI and robotic machines becoming as much a part of working life as computers, the discussion around how to stay relevant and employable grows more complex. If a company can buy machines instead of paying employees, of course they will – and this does…


What is a Collaborative Management?

What is a Collaborative Management? To better understand collaborative management, we have to look at traditional management. Managers have, for years, been seen as the autocratic authority of a business. They have the first and the last say and hold the majority of control. Collaborative management is becoming more popular than ever before and tends…


What Can Managers Learn from Brexit?

What Can Managers Learn from Brexit? With Brexit looming ever closer, it’s no wonder managers, leaders and CEOs are beginning to show concerns. Almost every manager I know wants to prepare. Unfortunately, since it’s not been done before, the effects of Brexit cannot be accurately predicted but, as with most moments of change, we’re sure…


Gender Equality in the Workplace

5 Ways to Create Gender Equality in the Workplace Gender equality in the workplace remains one of the most contentious and widely discussed issues of modern time, not only in the workplace, but in the wider world. The same pay for the same job, on the surface, sounds fair and equitable. So why is it…


Value of Strategic Managers

 Value of Strategic Managers in Management Business managers, regardless of their current success, must become strategic managers  if they want their organisation to be successful in an ever-changing market. Achieving business goals Managers with good strategic thinking will have clear and established goals and be able to work backwards, devising clear and efficient steps to…