Blue Monday – How to Manage Your Team Through the Blues

Blue Monday 

As managers, we want to believe that our team love working for us, their colleagues and the company. We like to think that they’re having a good time in their workplace and that they always bring their passion and their ‘A’ game. The problem is that we’re all human and have our good and bad days. The third Monday of January, for example, has been dubbed the most depressing day of the year and sometimes employees bring these blues to work with them. Here’s how to manage your team through the Blue Monday and beyond.

Encourage Connection

Keeping business separate from pleasure is usually encouraged but most managers would also agree that genuine friendships and a good support network at work lifts the mood, creates good morale and can be an instant mood booster for employees.  Removing toxic people from the team and encouraging getting to know your colleagues and desk mates is always a good idea.

Refresh the Environment

When the workplace looks same old, same old, it’s no wonder people can begin to feel that way. Making sure there is adequate natural lighting, greenery, non-workspaces for people to eat, hydrate and socialise can all help create a happier place of work.

Create a Think Tank

Whether it’s Blue Monday or the typical Monday blues, we can all agree that it’s hard to think straight, never mind creatively, when we’re in a slump. But sometimes all we need is a helping hand to pull us out of the rut. Setting up a think tank where people can go for a brainstorming session to get back on track with their team is a quick way for people to acknowledge their slump, ask for help easily and not dither in blues for too long.

Moving on up

Of course, if the blues are coming too thick and fast, and you notice an employee beginning to lose job satisfaction, you run the risk of losing them and it’s time to consider work incentives and career progression to introduce new challenges and let them know you’re invested in them. Ask what they want and see how the company can support them in their endeavours, perhaps with online courses to earn qualifications alongside work.

From one manager to another, I wish you well managing your team through Blue Monday and beyond.


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