Time Management or How to Cure Procrastination

Time Management or How to Cure Procrastination We all know that time management is important if you’re serious about productivity and efficiency at work. One of the biggest hurdles to effective personal performance has always been procrastination – those moments when you unintentionally find ways to stop what really needs to be done. 3 Things […]

Psycho Boss-5 Ways to Deal this Type of Manager

Five Ways To Deal With A Psycho Boss Most of us who work for a living had have to endure the hardship of working with terrible bosses at one point in our careers. We do this because we need to pay the bills and the thought of being broke and homeless just doesn’t sit well. […]

How to Retain Skilled Workers

How to Retain Skilled Workers We have a fairly stable job market at the moment with relatively low employment. Companies are always looking to attract skilled workers who will contribute profitably to their operation. Many put in a lot of effort trying to woo just the right people. What businesses across all sectors can put […]

Positive Work Environments and Increased Productivity

The Trends Shaping up Positive Work Environments and Increasing Productivity With all of the newest trends in office work environments and the way SME’s do business, there seems to be one thing that every new trend has in common, productivity. The goal of many of today’s office trends is to increase productivity and to have […]

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Management

emotional intelligence

What are the Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Management Why employees want to have input into important decisions. There is no doubt that the workplace has changed over the last few decades. This hasn’t just happened because we’ve moved to an information age rather than an industrial one. It has a lot to do with […]

Management Decisions that Destroy Cultures

Management Decisions that Destroy Cultures and Drive Away Talented People Most business owners agree that creating a strong work culture and encouraging employees to develop is an important part of success. Companies often devote a lot of time and effort to attracting just the right talent. The problem is they don’t always put that same […]

Are you a self-aware manager leader?

manager leader self aware

What is a self-aware manager leader Ideas about being a manager and leader have changed so much over the past few years that many of today’s most effective leaders may find it hard to even get a foot in the door of the smallest company should they slip through a time-hole. Not so long ago […]