Ideas for life – no more resolutions

ideas for life

Why most of us fail? If you are in the incredible 20% of people who hit their resolutions every year, congratulations! You are a rare breed 🙌🥳👏 For the rest of us, it is mostly a journey downwards into a spiral of failure, guilt, and frustration which circles back to thinking less of ourselves and hardly ever making us feel good or achieve anything meaningful. Most of us fail for three main reasons: Lack of clarity, Unreasonable expectations, and Lack of inspiration or passion.

Stress management strategies using EI

Stress management strategies using EI

Have authentic, emotionally intelligent relationships with people. Associate with those whose company you enjoy and who support you. Authenticity requires self-awareness and emotional expression so that when in conversation with an individual you are able to share your feelings openly, including any distractions impairing your ability to concentrate on them.

Stress factors and coping techniques

stress factors

How can we avoid distress?

We cannot. However, we can learn techniques to keep distress to a minimum by increasing our coping strategies. We can also use eustress appropriately in our occupations to improve our performance and inspire others.

How to add your course to LinkedIn Profile

add education to linkedin

Boost your career prospects and gain recognition in your network. Did you know that you can showcase your qualification on your LinkedIn profile – the biggest global professional network?

Looking for a fresh start?

fresh start as a project manager

In the post-pandemic world, many self-employed long-timers have lost their businesses and are faced with entering the job market. This could be a daunting prospect for someone who has been in control of their life and business for a very long time and is suddenly faced with looking for a fresh start and evaluating their skills and experience, and wondering what to do next.

Why study online

Management and leadership courses online

2020 was a turning point for global economies shift to an online remote workforce, and it is here to stay. So why study online? Learning online is a great opportunity to equip professionals with tools and techniques needed to move forward in a new world, and help to prepare them for career advancement, demonstrating key skills to potential employers.

How do Managers Recruit the Correct People?

The recruitment process for new employees isn’t simple. Thankfully, there are ways for managers to hire the right people, and a lot of the techniques they implement into their hiring processes come from years of experience.

3 Ways to Create Great Customer Experience

3 Ways to Create Great Customer Experience Ensuring that your company delivers great customer experience is crucial if you want a successful and recognisable business. Businesses thrive on the feedback on their customers; without them, there would be no business, after all. Improving levels of customer experience has become a top priority for companies in […]

Productivity Hacks for the Workplace

Productivity Hacks for the Workplace If you’re getting home each evening stressed out by the fact you’ve not achieved much, it’s a good idea to sit back and figure out what’s going wrong. The good news is that a few tweaks here and there could make a big difference to your working day. Here are […]

When Adults Learn

When Adults Learn There is a lot of talk lately of how adults learn, finding the right learning style and how to make the most of it. But with full-time work, exciting social lives and so much to do, we think the real question might be when do adults learn? How do you find the […]