Executive coaching certification

Executive coaching certification

In the ever-shifting terrain of leadership, executives find themselves traversing a labyrinth of challenges, each demanding a unique blend of resilience, adaptability, and empathy. Exploring the depths of leadership challenges.

Executive leadership programs

leadership programs for executives

Drawing on over three decades of experience in the coaching field, I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact leadership programs for executives can have on transforming organisations for the digital age.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching courses

Imagine yourself stepping into the role of an executive coach, equipped with years of expertise and a toolkit brimming with strategies to inspire, motivate, and empower your clients. As someone who has traversed this enriching terrain for over three decades, allow me to shed light on the profound rewards and boundless opportunities that await you in the realm of executive coaching.

Coaching vs Mentoring the lowdown

coaching vs mentoring

Quite frequently, in Management the words ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’ are used as if they’re one and the same. They’re not. Any leader or manager can benefit from both and needs to understand how, when, and why they might be helpful.

The Key to Successful Mentoring

Successful Mentoring

Successful Mentoring More and more of us are using mentors to help us build our careers and, hopefully, succeed in the professional world. While the idea of coaching is not new, technology and greater awareness have opened up the world of successful mentoring to a much wider portion of the working population. Entrepreneurs have always […]

Karpman Drama Triangle: Rescuer, Persecutor and Victim

 Karpman Drama Triangle: Rescuer, Persecutor and Victim Conflict within the workplace is a big issue and can impact on relationships as well as damage  productivity and success for the employer. Staff who are victims of bullying, for example, will not be able to perform at their best and contribute in any meaningful way. Toxic relationships […]

CMI Level 7 Strategic Coaching and Mentoring

cmi level 7 strategic coaching and mentoring

CMI Level 7 Strategic Coaching and Mentoring Courses at a glance: Develop the coaching and mentoring skills that make a difference to modern employers and learn how to influence at an operational level. A CMI mentoring course equivalent to Master’s Degree level. The perfect executive coaching certification for managers operating at a strategic level. Widen […]

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Management

emotional intelligence

What are the Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Management Why employees want to have input into important decisions. There is no doubt that the workplace has changed over the last few decades. This hasn’t just happened because we’ve moved to an information age rather than an industrial one. It has a lot to do with […]

Best Management Consulting Books to Read

Management Consulting Course

Best Management Consulting Books to Read Management consulting training will teach you that a great consultant always consults. They are not necessarily the expert, but they often are the spark and always the facilitator. If you are looking at management consulting courses you may be wondering if there are any books out there that you […]

Career Development Plan for Successful Career Change

sussex business school blo

There are many variations of effective Career Development Planning, but here is a simple but effective outline version that can be adapted to suit your own work and personal situation, and your own career objectives. The overwhelming need when preparing this plan is to do it carefully, thoughtfully, and thoroughly, as it will be the […]