Trust Starts with You

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Trust starts with you – Stuart’s Statements Trust is a behaviour that I am passionate about in the workplace. There have been numerous circumstances where I have offered my trust to others, and equally, not to others. Most of the time this decision has been based on gut feel, no scientific approach behind my decision […]

Decision Making as a New Manager

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  A new manager and decision making – Stuart’s Statements Over my career I’ve seen several people being promoted to manage the team they are working in. At first this is generally a popular choice by the team, as this person has been respected for their capabilities within their previous role. They tended to use […]

The Active listener

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The Active Listener – Stuart Statements Active listening is such a power behaviour to demonstrate within coaching and mentoring approaches. Have you been on the receiving end of someone activity listening to you? What are the pitfalls? With today’s technology –  how many of us are very close to our digital devices such as phones, […]

Ownership of Errors

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Ownership of Errors I can count countless times when I’ve been in situations where someone taking accountability and responsibility for errors has increased efficiency. I first read in Stephen Covey’s ‘The Seven habits of Effective people’ how taking ownership & responsibility for a problem has had positive effectives and outcomes. Recently I took my wife’s […]

The Influence of the Empowered Learner

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The Influence of the Empowered Learner What or who is an empowered learner? The empowered learner is a behaviour. It is determination, commitment, resilience, a growth mindset and most important accountability. A growth mindset will see development opportunities in stretch tasks, and see formal learning as a process of structured development. Taking responsibility for your […]

Does laziness really exist?

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Does laziness really exist? I have had a few conversations recently where the employee was said to be under performing or certainly not performing to the potential and were incorrectly labelled as lazy from their boss. Confirming this to the employee didn’t amend their behaviour either and in the eyes of their boss, this just […]

Effective Coaching and Mentoring

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Requirements for Effective Coaching and Mentoring Effective  Coaching and Mentoring approaches are effective development methods that reap reward for many. There is a difference between the two and this can be confusing to some, but it is important to establish the difference before commencing and coaching and/or mentoring relationship. There are a variety of interpretations […]

Working in the Right Place for You

Importance of the Interview Process for the Interviewee Have you ever worked where office politics counter the smooth operation and effectiveness in just getting the job done? This is more common than you’d possibly realise. What can you do about it? First thing is to view this situation as a learning experience. Any job, whether […]