CMI Level 4 Diploma Management and Leadership

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CMI Level 4 Diploma in Management and Leadership

The CMI Level 4 Management and Leadership course is designed to help Junior Managers to develop personal management capabilities and grow professional management skills, including decision-making, managing team dynamics and delegation capability.

The Diploma consists of 6 units of your choice from the list below and has a transferable credit value of a minimum of 390 TUT credits.

4001 Managerial Styles and Behaviours (TUT 60)
4002 Managing Stakeholders’ Expectations (TUT 70)
4003 Organisational Culture, Values and Behaviour (TUT 70)
4004 Understanding Team Dynamics (TUT 70)
4005 Management Report Writing (TUT 70)
4006 Management and Leadership Influencing Skills (TUT 70)
4007 Managing Interviews (TUT 70)
4008 Promoting Equality and Diversity (TUT 70)
4009 Staff Inspection Review (TUT 80)
5001 Personal Development as a Manager and Leader (TUT 60)
5012 Being a Leader (TUT 70)
5014 Introduction to Management Coaching and Mentoring (TUT 60)


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