CMI Level 8 Diploma Strategic Direction and Leadership

£144.60 / month for 12 months and a £334.00 Registration Fee

CMI Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Direction and Leadership

Equivalent to a Doctorate in Management, this CMI accredited course is designed for Directors and Senior Managers with responsibility for developing and implementing ethical and performance-driven strategy across multiple organisations, leading by example to inspire teams and provide clear direction.

The Diploma consists of 7 units of your choice from the list below and a minimum of 670 TUT (Total Unit Time).

8001 Personal development as a strategic leader (TUT 100)
8002 Collective strategy development (TUT 100)
8003 Inter-organisational strategic planning (TUT 100)
8004 Inter-organisational strategic direction (TUT 100)
8005 Strategic communication (TUT 100)
8006 Strategic culture (TUT 100)
7013 Strategic leadership (TUT 70)
7014 Strategic leadership practice (TUT 70)


This purchase includes the CMI Registration Fee and 7 units of your choice with a 0% payment plan over 12 months. Your first payment includes the CMI Registration fee. We can assist you in choosing your units after your purchase.