How Diploma in Strategic Management Can Recession-Proof Your Role

From businesses closing down and mass redundancies, the impact of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for many of us. For the first time in 11 years, the UK is in recession.

How the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership can Recession – Proof Your Role

From businesses closing down and mass redundancies, the impact of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for many of us.

For the first time in 11 years, the UK is in recession. What does that mean exactly?

In normal times, a country’s economy will continue to grow, meaning the value of goods and services it produces will increase.

However, sometimes the value of goods and services produced will fall and a recession is defined when this happens for two quarters in a row.

If a recession carries on for an extended period of time and gets particularly bad, it is known as a depression.

But never fear, we are not there yet! Figures for July suggest a recovery is well under way.


Changing Roles

For lots of businesses, supply and demand has been affected, their processes have been affected and they have furloughed or made staff redundant.

Lots of businesses will need to conduct a thorough analysis of their needs and processes and are likely to change and adapt staff for different roles than were needed before.

For lots of people, this can be a worrying time, and lots of us will wonder if we fit into the company’s future vision.



If you’re wondering how a recession could affect you, now is a great time to recession-proof your role.

You can do this by developing your qualifications.

For managers and team leaders, it might be time to commit some energy into increasing and updating your qualifications.

For example, you can improve your practical and theoretical strategic management and leadership skills with the OTHM Level 7 online distance learning course.

A recent addition to our online strategic management courses.


Does it Apply to me?

If you are a manager who wants to use this time to develop and expand your level of understanding of strategic management in the workplace, and have previous qualifications in undergraduate level, this is the course for you!

The qualification is equivalent to a Master’s Degree and is suitable for learners with a background in academic study or industry.

Furthermore, it’s also nationally and internationally recognized, so you can take this qualification anywhere in future – wherever the changing times take you!

Looking to extend your reach even further?

All credits earned are transferable to other universe or college programmes within a similar discipline, such as MBA’s and Master’s qualifications.

 You will be able to demonstrate to employers that you are competent in modern strategic management and leadership practices and as we are living in unprecedented times, this is a very valuable skill to have!

You’ll be able to improve your career prospects and your employability to increase your value not just at your current role but within the whole industry.


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