The Influence of the Empowered Learner

What or who is an empowered learner?

The empowered learner is a behaviour.

It is determination, commitment, resilience, a growth mindset and most important accountability.

A growth mindset will see development opportunities in stretch tasks, and see formal learning as a process of structured development.

Taking responsibility for your own development enhances negotiation prospects to gaining employer support with time, finance and/ or mentoring, which is never a foregone conclusion.

Should this fail, the empowered learner has the determination to seek support from their wider personal network as they recognise there is more than one route to achieving.

The alternative is to rely on others to instigate learning, leave the accountability to another and blame others if desired outcome is not achieved.

The opportunity to work with a learner who is confident and in control of their learning is hugely energising.

I’ve witnessed the growth of mentees from students and organisations and the empowered learner always has greater chance of success.

Perseverance, prioritisation

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