The Top 10 Ways to Be an Empowered Learner on a Management Course

Businesses that empower their employees to learn also empower them to work more productively. Whether on a management course or taking on a full-blown degree, most professionals hope they are going to learn a few things that help their career. Many people nowadays are focused on continuing professional development and are used to the concept of lifelong learning.

Few, however, understand the concept of the empowered learner. How do you take charge of your own education and your management course? In other words, how can you boost your motivation and learning practice so that you take more on board, especially when it comes to CPD for your career?

  1. Know What You Want

The empowered learner understands what they need. If, for example, you’re undertaking a management course, you’ll want it to apply to your current job so that it provides you with the tools to progress to a higher level. You’ll understand what the course is going to teach you and find a way to deliver it that suits your learning preferences.

  1. Be Self-Directed

Taking charge of your learning is as important as what you learn. The reasons many businesses nowadays look to empower their employees and put them in charge is that it can make them better motivated. When you steer the boat, you can create meaningful and engaging personal goals.

  1. Use Every Dead Space

We all have dead space in our day – those moments when we’re not really doing anything. Good learners know these times are extremely valuable and can be used more productively. For example, if you’re spending 30 minutes on the train to work or waiting for a meeting to start, use that time smartly and learn something new.

  1. Apply Your Learning to Real Life

Most of us learn better when we can apply those theories and ideas to real life. The more you can do it, the better those behaviours will become fixed in your memory and your practice. It’s not always easy but get into the habit of finding these opportunities in work and at home.

  1. Be Creative

Empowered learners are creative. Learning doesn’t have to be static and there are plenty of innovative ways to make something stick. In any management course, for example, you will find concepts that are difficult. Taking a creative approach can help unravel and reveal complex issues.

  1. Discover Different Ways to Learn

Don’t simply go for the traditional methods of studying, like sitting in a lecture. Try different approaches, including online or e-courses, to deliver what you need. How about creating your own learning opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of a particular subject area.

  1. Set Daily Goals

As with any worthwhile endeavour, setting goals makes perfect sense. Break these down into bite size, manageable pieces rather than looking at the much larger end game and you will ensure you stay on course and continue to learn something new every day.

  1. Don’t Learn Alone

Learning with other people can make a big difference. It gives you the chance to discuss complex subjects and explore new ideas. Working with a career coach can also create an environment focused on what you need to learn.

  1. Create the Curious Habit

Be curious about everything. Don’t take life for granted. The empowered learner is always finding out and understanding new things, even if it has nothing to do with their course. It’s a great way to get into good habits.

  1. Use Technology

There are a wide variety of online learning tools nowadays which can be accessed from anywhere with a mobile device. Using these can not only improve motivation they introduce flexibility into your study.

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