How to Handle Office Politics – Emotion Vs Logic

How to Handle Office Politics – Emotion Vs Logic

Office politics are unavoidable.

Even if your current office has a fun and friendly environment, probability says you will face office politics at some point or another during your career.

The important thing to remember is that there are actually rules!

We’re going to show you the difference between handling politics with emotion vs handling office politics with logic.


Since we spend a lot of time at work it is only natural that parts of our self-esteem and value come from productivity and our work reputation.

That can make emotional responses come far too easily.

For example, one might respond emotionally to politics that involve promotions, distribution of duties or office friendships.

The problem with using emotion to react to politics is that you’re vulnerable.

The main emotions you might jump to are negativity, jealousy, selfishness or pride.

Getting hot-headed about situations can highlight you as the problem colleague, limit your ability to properly communicate your point and damage your reputation, hindering your opportunities in future – which can bring about an even more tricky situation.


A man who learns the psychology behind office politics is a man who can respond logically!

It  often comes down to power – feeling a lack of it and a lust for it!

That means you definitely shouldn’t take any politics personally and should instead handle them logically.

Here are a few of our top tips to mastering politics:

  • Network around the office strategically – sometimes  are helpful to your career!
  • Develop emotional intelligence to better weather any hostility or office tension and know how to avoid it
  • Always remember that your behaviour leaves a lasting impression – emotional responses are often informal and people will remember you this way!

Sussex Business School can assist in easing office politics in a number of ways.

Better train your managers so they know how to create and maintain a healthy office, help colleagues develop their emotional intelligence and create a mentor system that monitors the office environment and lets people know they’re valued!


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