level 8 strategic direction and leadership

Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership

Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership

It’s one thing to develop a strategic plan, it’s another entirely to implement it effectively. This Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership course focuses on bringing organisational strategies into the real world through effective performance and understanding.

The role of strategic direction and leadership in modern companies cannot be underestimated and business in all sectors are crying out for the competent and talented individuals who can develop key strategies and implement them with a greater chance of success. This Level 8 course enables you to develop the skills and understanding to do just that and is aimed at those in senior management who want to improve their level of understanding and deliver exceptional change management.

Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership at a glance:

  • This is a Level 8 course accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).
  • It’s aimed at senior managers and directors looking for a doctorate level qualification and who want to lead by example, implementing successful strategic planning across large and multiple organisations.
  • The course helps you develop the higher and advanced skills and knowledge you need to bring about transformational change in the workplace that benefits everyone.
  • It’s not all about evidence based practice, you’ll be able to apply those newly learned skills and ideas to the real world and understand how these benefit your organisation.
  • You’ll explore ways to work with other change leaders and how to evaluate any processes that are implemented within your company or organisation.
  • Businesses and organisations are all looking for the highly qualified leaders and change managers who can make a difference. CMI certification ensures you have a qualification that means something and which clearly demonstrates your abilities to prospective employers.
  • This is one of a group of management qualifications that gives you the tools to improve your career prospects and raise your earning power.

The Benefits of the Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership

The course is the equivalent to a doctorate in management and is provided online with the support of dedicated institute of management (CMI) approved tutors who will be able to guide you through each of the modules.

The tutors are available both online through our site learning system as well as by phone and support from the management qualifications team is available to assist with any issues you may have. You can access course materials at any time of day or night and tailor your learning to suit your own individual needs.

  • You can choose to study at Award, Certificate or Diploma Level, online and in your own time.
  • The Level 8 qualification is equivalent to PhD level and is a nationally recognised qualification.
  • All our management qualifications are approved by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership – Course Details

To enrol on the course you need to have undertaken some Level 7 study in the past and OR have held a senior management position for at least 3 years. You’ll explore a range of areas, including:

  • The leadership skills needed by directors and senior managers who are navigating organisations through strategic activity and how your own personal development maps into this.
  • Working on collective strategy development, how organisations benefit from cohesive planning and developing the frameworks to bring this about.
  • Broadening your knowledge and understanding of what it means to develop strategic plans across organisations.
  • Researching and evaluating inter-organisation collaboration in the context of strategic development.
  • Analysing the role of media and different groups on stakeholders and the development of change policies and strategies.
  • Developing a deeper and more appreciative understanding of what strategic culture is, how to use critical thinking when coming up against the status quo and viewing strategy development from different viewpoints.

The Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership provides you with the skills and knowledge to develop the next stage of your career. For those who are intending to move onto executive leadership positions and bring about change management, this is an invaluable qualification which many companies will be looking for in the future.


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