CMI Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership

Improve your core management skills and management knowledge with this CMI Level 5 online distance learning course

  • 19+ years old
  • Manager or similar
TIME: up to 8 weeks max, 1-2 days per week
TOTAL COST: £380.00
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The CMI Level 5 Award in Management & Leadership is designed to help managers and leaders develop their skills and knowledge, with regards to areas of management such as developing individuals and teams, planning and managing a project, managing finance, and human resource management.

The course includes study materials, personal tutor support, assessments, and affiliate membership of CMI until course completion.

CMI Level 5 Management and Leadership Syllabus 

Operational, Divisional, Departmental and Regional Managers

Looking to take your team to the next level?

This course will improve your practical management skills and help you develop an in-depth understanding of the process and staff management, as well as build your problem-solving skills and enable you to apply them directly in your workplace.

Looking for the next step in your career?

Demonstrate to your employer that you are proficient in current management practices and your commitment to professional development, improving your chances of rapid career progression.

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Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership

The Award consists of 1 unit of your choice from the list below and a minimum of 40 TUT credits (Total Unit Time).

501 Principles of Management and Leadership in an Organisational Context (TUT 62)
502 Developing, Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success (TUT 60)
503 Principles of Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success (TUT 50)
504 Managing Performance (TUT 50)
506 Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (TUT 41)
507 Principles of Delivering Coaching and Mentoring (TUT 48)
509 Managing Stakeholder Relationships (TUT 40)
511 Principles of Recruiting, Selecting and Retaining Talent (TUT 46)
513 Managing Projects to Achieve Results (TUT 51)
514 Managing Change (TUT 43)
515 Creating and Delivering Operational Plans (TUT 52)
518 Managing Risk (TUT 53)
519 Managing Quality and Continuous Improvement (TUT 56)
520 Managing Finance (TUT 56)
521 Using Data and Information for Decision Making (TUT 50)

Self-study information

Each unit should take up to 8 weeks to complete, with at least 1 day of study per week.

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Certificate in Management and Leadership, CMI Level 5

Units: 2 or 3 depending on TUT value

Time: up to 8 weeks max per unit

Cost: 2 units £676.00 / 3 units £924.00 (includes CMI Registration Fee)


Diploma in Management and Leadership, CMI Level 5

Units: 8

Time: up to 8 weeks max per unit

Cost: £2224.00 (includes CMI Registration Fee)

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