managing change

Managing change in the new normal

The world has changed, and remote working is here to stay. As a leader, you most likely know this already but what can you do to ensure your team continues to thrive and you smash your KPIs?

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin



The world has changed, and remote working is here to stay. As a leader, you most likely know this already but what can you do to ensure your team continues to thrive and you smash your KPIs? If you are still clinging to the thought that “things will go back to the way they were”, I am sorry to be the one to break it to you… actually, I will let Brad tell you:



Accelerated by the pandemic, the way we work has rapidly changed in 2020, but all the tools we are using today have been around for some time. We were slowly creeping in this direction and the pandemic has simply dropped the inevitable sooner than we wanted to, but make no mistake the change is permanent, and if you have a growth mindset I am sure you are a little bit excited for the future of business.

Here are some old vs new behaviours that are being observed across all sectors, which should help you clear out the old and embrace the new:


Outcome vs Output

Your teams productivity in the pre-covid universe was most likely measured by how many hours people worked. Whether the new normal will look remote or hybrid for your organisation the old way of looking at productivity most likely will leave you and your team frustrated and unable to effectively move forward. To succeed in the new world you must let go of “If I can’t see you how do I know you are working” mindset, and adopt new ways of measuring productivity and communicating with, and motivating your team.


Flexible vs 9 to 5

We have all been forced to adapt by the pandemic, but the reality of working from home is not simply cutting the commute and having more time. We have had to face challenges with childcare and technology, homeschooling, looking after the vulnerable family members to name a few. Most of those who are still lucky to be employed are tired, overwhelmed by an onslaught of video calls, changing rules, news, and circumstances and having almost no time to switch off. As leaders, it is vital we understand the pressures that our team is under and allow time for adoption and flexible time-management.


1 to 1 vs Boardroom

Zoom’s total revenue for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2021 was $663.5 million, which’s more than a total 2019 revenue of $622 million.* Needless to say, video conferencing is here to stay, but the approach does not fit all. As managers, we need to ask ourselves whether simply replacing boardroom meetings with Zoom is enough to communicate objectives and stay connected. Are the team members engaged? Are they experiencing zoom fatigue? Considering an array of digital collaboration and communication tools may be beneficial for running your team successfully.

Individual check-ins with team members are essential to understanding each member’s written, spoken, and digital communication skills and being able to help them develop areas they need assistance or guidance with, whether this is with additional training or technology or simply moral support and understanding. Considering our provisions for resolving team conflicts in a remote environment, and providing clear digital structure to the team can be a very effective way of showing that support from a distance is available.


Digital Collaboration vs Email & Static Attachments

Your team is likely already using some of the digital collaboration or project management tools such as Google Workspace, Jira, Asana,, Basecamp, Trello and many more. It is also likely that your team relied on face to face communication when using these tools in the past, and a total digital adoption will require reviewing company policies to include workflows that are not segmented and provide a full remote picture of any given operation.

Consider the structure, frequency, and types of digital communication that your team would benefit from. Working remotely can make it difficult for a team to feel like a team at all, so collaborative digital tools that communicate the team’s objectives, progress, and connect everyone together are essential in the new normal.


Digital Culture & Cohesion vs Team Events

Remote working can cause a sense of fragmentation and confusion, and can make it difficult to create a dynamic culture of engagement and motivation, so how do feel together by being apart? How do we bond with our team members without a team event, and keep everyone focused?

The answer here is the same. Technology. Our society is taking a leap forward, and now is the time to invest in technology, additional training and review business strategy for the emerging all-digital tomorrow.

Consider how technology can be used for team bonding and collaboration on and off the clock. Promote professional written communication and strong working relationships across distance and technology.


Managing Change

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*Zoom Report – Second Quarter Results for Fiscal Year 2021


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