How to Source an Effective Mentor

Sourcing an Effective Mentor

So how do you find an Effective Mentor

Age is wisdom and that’s certainly the case when it comes to careers!

Learning from the experts is always a good idea. Mentoring helps you gather valuable knowledge and skills as well as providing professional socialisation and personal support which helps you know how to further your career.

So how do you find the right and effective mentor for you?

  • Identify someone accomplished in the professional field in which you are looking to grow.
  • Look for recommendations. Just because someone is accomplished doesn’t mean they’re a good person to learn from. You might pick up great habits but they also might pass on bad habits so always check recommendations. Ask friends or colleagues if there is anyone they can recommend as your coach as well as looking at reviews online for anyone you’re considering.
  • Assess how you want to be mentored. The answer can greatly affect your choosing! If you prefer face to face mentoring, you’ll have to look for someone local, whereas if you’re looking for someone in a niche environment, you might make the most of modern technology to benefit from the expertise of a mentor that’s international.
  • Ask the mentor to provide some information, such as what you need from them as a mentor and why you thought they would be a good fit. Don’t take up too much of their time, ask them questions that you could have researched yourself or provide too much of an elevator pitch.
  • Meet the mentor with no commitments first. You won’t know a coach’s style and approach until you begin to work with them. There are many different coaching styles so you’ll learn what work for you.
  • Stick with it! An effective mentor works best when it is a long-term commitment and you learn more about each other. Improving yourself takes time!

There is so much to gain from a mentor when you find the right one so it’s important to be sure!


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