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Support Systems and Measures

We and Us means Sussex Business School Limited who will provide the online distance learning course to the student.
You means student receiving the online distance learning course / qualification.
Course means a CMI and OTHM online distance learning course / qualification

Support System Ethos

Sussex Business School takes Pride in offering an Individual, tailored support system, designed to help the student when they need it.

All listed Support Measure and Systems offered by Sussex Business School are offered and actioned on the discretion of the Sussex Business School Support Team.

Sussex Business School reserves the right to refuse support based on student circumstances such as, Study Status (Lapses), Payment Issues, Conduct/Student Behaviour (Please refer to Terms and Conditions) and Individual Circumstances/Justification for Support.

Requesting Support

If a student finds their selves in need of support, their duty and first action is to notify their Tutor and to contact the Support team ( as soon as possible.

Sussex Business School does not contact students regarding their study status due to the Self-Directed nature of how Sussex Business School provides their Courses and tuition.

Support requests should detail specifically what level of Support the student requires, along with the reasons for required Support.

Sussex Business School offer up to 8 weeks per Unit from each Course/Registration (Award, Certificate, Diploma, Extended Diploma) of extensions, with the first two weeks being free of charge and all further weeks being charged at – £25 per week (To cover CMI Registration Extension Fees). Buy course extension.

Extensions can only be requested prior to Unit Submission Deadline (Refer to Assignment Submission Deadlines in Terms and Conditions).

Requests for Extensions made after Submission Deadline will be rejected based on students Lapsed status.

Requests for Extensions that fall within the first 4 weeks after Submission Deadline are NOT subject to Unit Re-enrolment priced at – £100 (See Unit-Re-enrolment), but fall under the ordinary Extension provision and are calculated from the original missed submission date.

Students that either Lapse or Fail a Unit, without making a clear intent of a wish to request an Extension or Course Park, have 4 weeks in which to request a Unit Re-enrolment.

Unit Re-enrolments see the rest of Timetable, factoring in a Unit restart and moving all future/remaining units back by the Unit Duration.

Unit Re-enrolments are subject to a – £100 Fee. Buy Unit Re-Enrolment.

Students that do not request a Unit Re-enrolment or make clear intent of a wish to request said Unit Re-enrolment within the 4-week window, are subject to a full Course Re-enrolment (See Course Re-enrolment).

Students studying on a Flexible Timetable are not eligible for Unit Re-enrolments, and is lapse their single Deadline, must Re-enrol onto the course entirely.

Students that either Lapse or Fail a Unit, without making a clear intent of a wish to request an Extension, Park, or Unit Re-enrolment within the allotted timeframes (See Extensions, Course Parking, Unit Re-enrolment) are required to Re-enrol onto the entire course, resulting in a total restart.

Course Re-enrolments are subject to a – £300 Fee, and on some occasions for students that have been classed as lapsed by the Awarding Body, a new registration will also be required for the student to continue which is separate to the Re-enrolment fee.

Buy course re-enrolment.

Students that do not request a course Re-enrolment or make clear intent of a wish to request said Course Re-enrolment within a 3-month window from Lapsing, will be removed from their course and as a student at Sussex Business School.

Students that are struggling to meet Study/Course demands or find theirselves overwhelmed due to personal/professional circumstances that are impacting their studies can request to ‘Park’ their course.

A course Park acts as a pause button, allowing for the course to be put on hold for up to 6 months.

The Course Park is subject to a – £100 Fee. Buy course park.

Upon actioning a Course Park, the date of the park commences from the initial confirmation and approval by the student, as per the Course Park procedure outlined by email when requested by the student.

The student can choose to resume their course at any point within the 6 months but must make Sussex Business School is aware of their intended resume date within the 6-month Park window.

Any parked students that overgo the Park duration of 6 months are classed as lapsed and will be subject to course Re-enrolment (See Course Re-enrolment).

  • Sussex Business school does provide lenience based upon the final date of the Park Period being on Holidays, out of Working Hours, and considering personal situations that may affect the student’s ability to notify Sussex Business School of intended course resume.

Students that find they have enrolled onto a Course that is too high a level, or a Module/Unit taken from a specific Framework that they have decided is not right for them, are eligible to either Transfer course or Unit.

For those looking to transfer Course, Sussex Business School can downgrade students within the same Framework, but not transfer/downgrade students across different Frameworks. Transferring/Downgrading Course may be subject to a second Registration fee which is down to the discretion of the Awarding body.

NOTE: Course Transfers are only eligible for students that are not classed as Lapsed (Please refer to Lapsed status under Course Extensions).

For those looking to transfer Unit, Sussex Business School can amend student Unit/Modules choices if the student has not entered the Unit Timeframe/Submission window (there is some exception with this in relation to Unit start date, and students notifying the Support team or their intent to change Unit).

NOTE: Unit Transfers are only eligible for students that are not classed as Lapsed (Please refer to Lapsed status under Course Extensions).

Other specifics regarding Course Support are to be made known to the Support team in detail as soon as possible.