10 Invaluable Habits Managers Should Practice

Managers Habits

Companies have to react to change, meaning managers need to regularly make changes too. Work culture, even just in the last decade, has changed drastically, but we rarely see companies prioritising the upkeep of training for staff. The best managers take time to self-reflect and best react to changes. Here are 10 invaluable habits every […]

What Can Managers Learn from Brexit?

What Can Managers Learn from Brexit? With Brexit looming ever closer, it’s no wonder managers, leaders and CEOs are beginning to show concerns. Almost every manager I know wants to prepare. Unfortunately, since it’s not been done before, the effects of Brexit cannot be accurately predicted but, as with most moments of change, we’re sure […]

6 Leadership Trends For 2019

6 Leadership Trends For 2019 New year, new goals! When it comes to improving as a manager or a leader, there are many good times to improve your leadership. And whilst the best time was yesterday, the second-best time is now – happy new year! Here are our 6 leadership trends for 2019. Management Style […]

Why Good Employees Quit and How to Keep Them

Good Employees

Why Your Good Employees Are Quitting and How To Keep Them All businesses have some degree of turnover of staff. Even if good employees are completely happy working for your company, they may still decide to leave and for a wide range of reasons. It’s not always about the business itself. The problem for many […]

Empathy as an Effective Leadership Skill

Empathy as an Effective Leadership Skill What is Empathy? Empathy is one of those feeling that is more focused on someone else’s needs than our own. While many people often confuse sympathy and empathy with each other, the two terms are very different. Sympathy is agreeing with the way someone else is feeling, empathy involves […]

Karpman Drama Triangle: Rescuer, Persecutor and Victim

 Karpman Drama Triangle: Rescuer, Persecutor and Victim Conflict within the workplace is a big issue and can impact on relationships as well as damage  productivity and success for the employer. Staff who are victims of bullying, for example, will not be able to perform at their best and contribute in any meaningful way. Toxic relationships […]

What Effective Managers Really Do!

effective managers

Effective Managers: what do they really do! The role of managers seems to have expanded considerably over the years. While everybody is aware of the organisational and motivational skills required, effective managers actually handle a wide range of tasks including recruiting top talent, monitoring staff performance, supporting teams and individuals, and managing vital facilities. Better training […]

Servant Leadership Management

servant leadership management

Servant Leadership Management: Turning the power management pyramid upside down? Managers and leaders who create and run successful teams are a vital part of any growing business. They’re viewed as the top performers, the ones who can turn a moderately engaged bunch of employees into a tight knit, highly productive team. Servant leadership management is […]