How do Managers Recruit the Correct People?

The recruitment process for new employees isn’t simple. Thankfully, there are ways for managers to hire the right people, and a lot of the techniques they implement into their hiring processes come from years of experience.

Communication Hacks for Managers

Communication Hacks for Managers As a manager, having a bag of tricks that includes communication hacks can help you boost employee engagement, get shy employees to talk to you, and help show your employees that you’re someone they can come to when they need some help. Communication is the backbone of all workplaces – big […]

Managing a Team – Same or Different?

Managing a Team – Should You Treat Everyone The Same? A common question of management is whether or not you should treat everyone in the team in the same way. At first, it sounds like there is a simple solution – of course you should treat everyone in the same way! People tend to assume […]

Why You Should Manage People Like You Manage Money

Why You Should Manage People Like You Manage Money People management, as any successful business owner will tell you, is not easy. While juggling the finances and understanding your profits and losses can be relatively simple, putting the right people in place in your company and getting the most out of them is a much […]

How Managers Can Show Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th of February, a day which has grown in popularity over the years. When life gets busy and chaotic, it can be difficult to remember that small acts of good can really contribute to the communities around us. As management teachers and […]

Why we Need to Stop Trying to Make Employees Happy

Why we Need to Stop Trying to Make Employees Happy With multiple studies at the moment, on how to make employees happy, investigating the general morale at work in Western countries, and regularly discovering that the vast majority of employees feel disengaged, unhappy or somewhat lost –  how to make employees happier has forced its […]

What Can Managers Learn from Brexit?

What Can Managers Learn from Brexit? With Brexit looming ever closer, it’s no wonder managers, leaders and CEOs are beginning to show concerns. Almost every manager I know wants to prepare. Unfortunately, since it’s not been done before, the effects of Brexit cannot be accurately predicted but, as with most moments of change, we’re sure […]

When is a Manager Responsible for Stress at Work?

We all understand that employers need to provide a safe and secure place to work. With high stress levels and incidents of depression often caused by large workloads and bad practices, however, what are the responsibilities of mangers when it comes to the welfare of staff in their charge? According to the Heath and Safety […]

Owing Your Mistakes

Owing Your Mistakes

How to Take Ownership of Your Errors When You Make Mistakes in Management Owing Your Mistakes Take it from a manager – every manager is aware that they are not perfect. Take comfort in the fact that all managers make mistakes sometimes but always have a strategy ready to tackle any mistakes! At Sussex Business […]

Can You Job Share at a Senior Level

Can You Job Share at a Senior Level There are many benefits to a senior job share. A steadily growing number of employers are starting to consider allowing their employees to job share at senior level to allow for greater flexibility in more demanding positions. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in […]