Become A Better Leader

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A crisis can be a horrible and frightening condition, but it’s also a moment where opportunities are created, to become a better leader. Uncertainty and upheaval abound during the COVID-19 pandemic and people everywhere are looking for guidance and leadership.

Crisis Management Tips

Crisis Management Tips on Managing a Team A crisis can take many forms. As we’ve learned recently, the one thing they have in common is that they strike pretty much without warning and have major repercussions. Being prepared and managing your team once disaster strikes is essential. Here we look at some key ways of […]

Leadership Lessons we can Learn from Star Wars

Leadership Lessons we can Learn from Star Wars May the Fourth be With You! Happy Star Wars day to all fans! A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a story so epic was created that it was discussed for years to come. Perhaps the reason we still discuss Star Wars so much […]

What Does it Mean to be an Agile Leader?

What Does it Mean to be an Agile Leader? An agile leader is an adaptable one. They are exceptional, and their leadership skills allow them to take actions that lead to great solutions. As an ever-evolving society, someone in a leadership position needs to have a proactive approach to how they lead. Principles of an […]

5 Enormous Differences Between Managers and Leaders

managers and leaders

Five enormous differences between managers and leaders Are managers and leaders different entities? While those lower down the promotional ladder might not think so, most experts will tell you there are certainly big differences and understanding these is vital if you want to run a successful company. Managers and leaders may share characteristics but there […]

Management Decisions that Destroy Cultures

Management Decisions that Destroy Cultures and Drive Away Talented People Most business owners agree that creating a strong work culture and encouraging employees to develop is an important part of success. Companies often devote a lot of time and effort to attracting just the right talent. The problem is they don’t always put that same […]

Are you a self-aware manager leader?

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What is a self-aware manager leader Ideas about being a manager and leader have changed so much over the past few years that many of today’s most effective leaders may find it hard to even get a foot in the door of the smallest company should they slip through a time-hole. Not so long ago […]