How Managers Can Show Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th of February, a day which has grown in popularity over the years. When life gets busy and chaotic, it can be difficult to remember that small acts of good can really contribute to the communities around us. As management teachers and […]

3 Ways Managers Lose Respect at the Christmas Party

3 Ways Managers Lose Respect at the Christmas Party Tis the season to be jolly – and remember that your Christmas party is still a formal setting after all, and some office rules still apply! With Christmas work do’s happening all over the world, it’s never been a better time to remind people what they […]

Three Poor Mental Health Statistics Every Manager Should Know

Three Poor Mental Health Statistics Every Manager Should Know With recent World Mental Health Day refreshing people’s take on poor mental health, mental health and wellbeing is on everyone’s mind and, with stress and mental ill-health ever increasing, it’s no surprise that managers are particularly concerned. Over recent years it has fallen much to management […]

Owing Your Mistakes

Owing Your Mistakes

How to Take Ownership of Your Errors When You Make Mistakes in Management Owing Your Mistakes Take it from a manager – every manager is aware that they are not perfect. Take comfort in the fact that all managers make mistakes sometimes but always have a strategy ready to tackle any mistakes! At Sussex Business […]

Fatal Networking Mistakes for Managers

Fatal Networking Mistakes Whether you are developing your career, building a business or simply searching for a new job, networking is still one of the most powerful ways to get out and about to meet the right people. While building relationships both inside and outside of work is a good idea, however, getting it wrong […]

Psycho Boss-5 Ways to Deal this Type of Manager

Five Ways To Deal With A Psycho Boss Most of us who work for a living had have to endure the hardship of working with terrible bosses at one point in our careers. We do this because we need to pay the bills and the thought of being broke and homeless just doesn’t sit well. […]

Are you a self-aware manager leader?

manager leader self aware

What is a self-aware manager leader Ideas about being a manager and leader have changed so much over the past few years that many of today’s most effective leaders may find it hard to even get a foot in the door of the smallest company should they slip through a time-hole. Not so long ago […]