6 Leadership Trends For 2019

6 Leadership Trends For 2019 New year, new goals! When it comes to improving as a manager or a leader, there are many good times to improve your leadership. And whilst the best time was yesterday, the second-best time is now – happy new year! Here are our 6 leadership trends for 2019. Management Style […]

How to Retain Skilled Workers

How to Retain Skilled Workers We have a fairly stable job market at the moment with relatively low employment. Companies are always looking to attract skilled workers who will contribute profitably to their operation. Many put in a lot of effort trying to woo just the right people. What businesses across all sectors can put […]

5 Enormous Differences Between Managers and Leaders

managers and leaders

Five enormous differences between managers and leaders Are managers and leaders different entities? While those lower down the promotional ladder might not think so, most experts will tell you there are certainly big differences and understanding these is vital if you want to run a successful company. Managers and leaders may share characteristics but there […]