Working Safely at Home During COVID-19

How Can Managers Support Their Staff to Work Safely at Home During COVID-19? With the presence of a second nationwide lockdown, many of us will be continuing to work from home.

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Manager

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Manager You might be surprised to learn that very successful people often feel a little fraudulent. There’s an uncharacteristic lack of confidence hidden away that we don’t get to see. A manager or leader feels they have been lucky or don’t quite deserve the success they’ve achieved. This […]

Why Promotion Breeds Incompetence in Managers

Why Promotion Breeds Incompetence in Managers Your best employees are not necessarily going to make the best managers, at least not without some form of training. That’s something many business owners don’t necessarily realise. A high flying salesperson, for example, might not be as good with organising staff as they are at selling your product. […]

10 Invaluable Habits Managers Should Practice

Managers Habits

Companies have to react to change, meaning managers need to regularly make changes too. Work culture, even just in the last decade, has changed drastically, but we rarely see companies prioritising the upkeep of training for staff. The best managers take time to self-reflect and best react to changes. Here are 10 invaluable habits every […]

Are Creative Managers Important?

Creative Managers

Creative Managers Managers are often associated with strategy, planning and structure. How often do you associate management with creativity? The truth is that you should because creativity is a very important aspect of management that shouldn’t be overlooked. Boring business Of course, every manager has boring business to contend with. Plans need to be made, […]

Coaching the Uncoachable

Coaching the Uncoachable A manager has many roles and responsibilities and coaching and mentoring their employees is a big one! In fact, a manager who doesn’t might see that his employees don’t feel valued and leave. There are, however, great managers who have employees that just can’t be coached. Here’s how to coach the uncoachable. […]