The Human Skills AI Can’t Master Which You Absolutely Should

With AI and robotic machines becoming as much a part of working life as computers, the discussion around how to stay relevant and employable grows more complex.

If a company can buy machines instead of paying employees, of course they will – and this does create a problem.

You’ll be pleased to know, however, that AI cannot imitate and achieve everything.

Robots can easily take over manual work such as clothes making and even packaging but there are some human traits that, try as they might, developers cannot get AI to achieve.

Fortunately for you and me, these traits are necessary for management! You can’t create the perfect manager without these traits so only humans will do!


There are lots of highly developed AI robots that are good at imitating human conversation but, when you apply the Turing test, humans can still tell they are not talking to humans.

Communication has always been and always will be a key skill for managers so it’s a great skill to develop and trust that you will always be stronger at it than AI!


Trust is a concept that is particularly hard to teach AI but crucial for the smooth running of a business.

As a manager, we get to have some say in who we hire but from then on, we must trust our employees to do the job we hired them to do.

Likewise, when we set up a business transaction, we must trust the other party to do as promised.

Business and management is as much about trust as it is money!

Since it’s a difficult concept to teach AI, you can be sure that this human skill will continue to be highly valued in future!


Managers have to make judgments all the time in business.

From taking judgments of personality and motives to better manage a team to making important business judgments that effect the future of the business, it’s a key process in management.

Whilst some algorithm work would help AI ‘choose’ the best business decisions when it comes to cost efficiency and choosing from a multitude of deals, well-rounded judgments take more into consideration.

Business relationships and collaborations, for example, are too human to teach a robot.

Reputation is another difficult concept that AI are unlikely to ever master.

Demonstrating yourself to have good judgement ensures no artificial intelligence will take over your management role!


We’ve been hearing a lot about empathy and emotional intelligence in management lately so we’re sure you’re familiar with the benefits.

In short, knowing and empathising with your employees helps you better manage them, better delegate tasks and make the right decisions.

AI so far have demonstrated a distinct lack of empathy and it doesn’t seem to be a skill that can be taught.

Developers have admitted it is highly unlikely we will ever be able to teach AI empathy.

Develop emotional intelligence and empathy and you will always be the better candidate for management!

Worry not, managers! AI are highly unlikely to take your job or be more qualified for roles than you.

So long as you continue to recognise, value and develop the above human skills, you’re sure to always be in a job!

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