When Adults Learn

When Adults Learn

There is a lot of talk lately of how adults learn, finding the right learning style and how to make the most of it.
But with full-time work, exciting social lives and so much to do, we think the real question might be when do adults learn?

How do you find the time?


Autonomy and The Sense of Self

As children, we learn because we have to, because other people put aside the time to ensure that we did.

We learn by example and by the people closest to us and haven’t yet become attached to our sense of self.

As adults, we know our traits and require this autonomy to be recognised. Learning is a choice.


Acknowledging Purpose

As adults, we learn because we see the relevance and wouldn’t learn if we didn’t think it would benefit us.

Adult learning is about advantage, not compliance.

Since it’s a choice, not a duty, we learn when we know we need to.

If you’ve been chasing a promotion, it’s time to gain more qualifications to increase your value in the job market.

This thought also helps you maintain motivation. Just keep asking yourself why you’re doing it.


Learn While You Work

If you want to learn to better your career, it’s best to learn while you work – and more time effective too!

You can do this by getting yourself a mentor or career coach and shadowing them or having regular meetings to discuss, set and reach goals.

There’s a lot to be gained from their wisdom and experience.

You can also learn alongside your work by taking an online course.

As long as it is highly accredited and widely recognised, you’ll be able to use it to progress!

Online courses are easily accessible, cost-effective and flexible enough that you can pick them up when it suits you!


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