CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma Strategic Management and Leadership Practice


  • 19+ years old
  • 2 years or more work experience in a senior management role
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Senior Managers and Directors

Looking to take your team and organisation to the next level?

This course will develop your knowledge and build your skills to inspire your team, apply the tools, models and theories directly to real-life work-based problems and see the benefits in your organisation.

Looking for a next step in your career?

Demonstrate to current and prospective employers your capabilities, ambition and commitment to professional development, and significantly improve your career prospects and earning potential.

About this course

The CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice is designed to improve your ability to implement fundamental management and leadership models within your organisation’s strategic framework. Regarded in academia terms as equivalent to Master’s Degree and accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), this nationally recognised qualification with transferable credits within a similar discipline is the perfect step to begin applying the tools, models and theories directly to real-life work-based problems and track the benefits and your career advancements.

The course includes study materials, personal tutor support, assessments and affiliate membership of CMI until course completion.

CMI Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership Practice Syllabus

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CMI Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership

Extended Diploma Level Qualification

The Extended Diploma consists of 7 Units of your choice from the list below with a minimum of 640 TUT (Total Unit Time) credits of which 420 TUT must be from Group A.

Group A:

701 Strategic Leadership (TUT 110)
702 Leading and Developing People to Optimise Performance (TUT 100)
703 Collaboration and Partnerships (TUT 70)
704 Developing Organisational Strategy (TUT 90)
705 Leading Strategic Change (TUT 80)
706 Finance for Strategic Leaders (TUT 90)
707 Organisational Design and Development (TUT 80)
708 Strategic Risk Management (TUT 80)
709 Strategic Management of Data and Information (TUT 80)
710 Marketing Strategy (TUT 80)
711 Entrepreneurial Practice (TUT 90)
712 Strategic Management Project (TUT 100)
713 Applied Research for Strategic Leaders (TUT 90)
714 Personal and Professional Development for Strategic Leaders (TUT 90)
715 Strategic Approaches to Equality Diversity and Inclusion (TUT 80)
716 Strategic Approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing (TUT 70)

Group B:

607 Procurement, Purchasing and Contracting (TUT 60)
608 Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (TUT 60)
609 Leading Quality Management (TUT 70)
612 Coaching Skills for Leaders (TUT 70)
614 Principles and Practices of Ethical Decision Making (TUT 60)

Pay unit at a time

First payment to include CMI Registration Fee and one unit. The second unit can be purchased when required in 8-10 weeks.

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As a Chartered Manager you’ll join a community of high performing professional managers at the top of their game who are self-aware and skills-focused, delivering real value for their business.

For those that Enrol onto a Diploma level qualification from Level 5 upwards and based upon successful completion, Sussex business School will process a full application covering all CMI Chartered Manager Award requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

E-learning is the method of Educating, Developing, and Progressing via digital means. E-learning is a constantly evolving industry that stays up to date and relevant while providing options for individuals to develop at their own rate. Due to the more recent Covid Pandemic, with traditional means of education being forced to adapt, E-learning has received a huge increase of demand which has been sustained even when things have gone back to ‘normal’. With countless industries now providing a range of alternative forms of Education and Qualifications via online means, the ability to develop in an affordable and flexible manner is becoming more and more efficient and common. E-learning is perfect for those that already lead a busy life and don’t have the time to commit to multiple years of face-to-face education. We take pride as a leading educator via E-learning styles and are constantly pushing to develop the industry further.

The qualifications we offer (and continue to add) are designed to firstly develop the level of understanding and skillset of the student, while also enabling a route for further education, career progression and professional development as the Business Professionals and Leaders of tomorrow.

We use a self-paced, E-learning based approach to our Delivery via our Moodle platform, supplemented with 1-1 tutor support. With this we are able to provide our students with the ultimate level of flexibility for their studies by providing them with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world. Our tutors are not only Industry practised professionals, but also firstly educators that understand the specific needs of their students. From introductory and welcome View calls, to Developmental feedback of Draft assignments, our tutors enable you to develop and progress within your course and field.

Not only are all our qualifications OFQUAL regulated, but they are also recognised and accredited by a range of supporting awarding bodies, as well as recognised as the leading pathways for continued professional development both in the Public and Private sectors!

By offering a range of qualifications, we are able to tailor pathways for students looking to achieve a range of different outcomes, meaning those that we offer allow for recognised and set pathways onto further education, as well as continued professional development and career progression.

We typically enrol students every Tuesday and Thursday of each working week, this includes registration to your Courses Awarding Body, as well as actioning of Enrolment to Moodle (Our E-learning platform), Allocation of tutor, and drafting of Timetable.

We are also more than happy to facilitate specific dates to suit your lifestyle and commitments, meaning we offer a great range of flexibility to suit you.

Not only do we offer a range of individual payment methods such as interest free payment plans, but we also have a full section on Corporate Accounts, as well as pitching tools that enable you to secure funding form your Employer! We are able to action Invoices and be set up as Corporate Suppliers for your Employer/Company.

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Units:Time: up to 8 weeks max per unit

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