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Unlock your leadership potential with transformative power of coaching skills.

Leadership coaching courses for all stages of your career

Unlock your leadership potential with ICF or CMI accredited qualification

We offer two distinct paths to coaching excellence: CMI and ICF. As a seasoned professional in the coaching realm, you are well acquainted with the transformative power of coaching skills. These skills go beyond mere techniques; they become catalysts for profound personal and professional growth.

ICF accredited leadership coaching courses

In Partnership with Rileagh T Chase Coaching & Chase Leadership & Coaching Academy we offer a fantastic opportunity for professional development with a holistic approach acting as a dual-force, propelling individuals towards personal fulfilment and professional success.

This approach not only Influences the coached individuals but also positively impacts teams, organisations, and the broader community. This comprehensive impact is what sets these courses apart as a transformative force in both personal and professional realms.


CMI accredited coaching & mentoring courses

These leadership coaching courses and qualifications set out a journey of progression, delivering professional learning that equips learners with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take their management career further.

The qualifications are developed by subject matter experts, so you can have the confidence that you are gaining up-to-date and relevant skills desired by employers across all sectors.

Globally recognised and accredited by the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) in the UK offering progression routes to Chartered Manager Status CMgr.


Who should opt for ICF route?


At Chase Leadership & Coaching Academy, we believe in shaping not just coaches but influential leaders who transform lives and businesses. Join us on the ICF journey, where excellence knows no bounds.

ICF is the choice for those aiming not just to coach but to lead, influence, and excel in various professional roles:

  • Aspiring leaders seeking a holistic skill set.
  • Mentors desiring a deeper impact.
  • Consultants aiming for global recognition.
  • Salespersons wanting to master the art of persuasion.

Who should opt for CMI route?


The CMI Awards, Certificates and Diplomas in Coaching and Mentoring not only broaden your career opportunities but are designed to develop a better understanding of your own strengths, weaknesses and the influence you can have on others, helping you progress in a management or training role with routes to Chartered Manager (CMgr) Status.

Level 7 courses are designed for managers and leaders who have the authority and responsibility for developing and implementing a coaching and mentoring strategy across the organisation. These courses require managers and leaders to build on their strategic management and leadership skills and to focus on the requirements of embedding these skills into an organisation’s strategy.