sussex business school

Who we are?

We are a diverse remote team of career experts, administrators, and approved, experienced tutors. We are all based in the UK and are dedicated to making your self-study journey as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Here at Sussex Business School we work tirelessly to bring you the best of the UK’s Management and Leadership courses and news to help you stay at the forefront of leadership techniques and help you reach your career goals.

sussex business school values

What we stand for and how we behave?


We treat everyone with respect and kindness


We promote diversity and inclusion and celebrate differences


We know our business and here to guide you to success


We are easy to reach and love helping to shape careers and futures

sussex business school

Why we exist?

All of us at Sussex Business School are here to help people reach their potential so that everyone can have the future and career they deserve. We are here to inspire professional excellence in those shaping the future of management and leadership, by helping the leaders of today and tomorrow to boost their careers and earning power at their own pace with online home-study UK accredited courses, career advice and personalised tutor support.

sussex business school

What drives us?

Here at Sussex Business School we are motivated by a single vision:

A future with opportunities for everyone to realise their dreams.


Become a more effective leader and mentor, with a greater ability to develop your teams. Progress onto higher qualifications and be enabled to advance your own seniority.


Stay up to date with the latest business and management thinking, and harness this and additional tools for the benefit of your organisation and your career.

perform better.
earn more.

Create opportunities for promotion and progression. Command greater earning power, as organisations see the practical results of your improved performance.

What our students say about our Management and Leadership courses