course as a gift

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A gift that keeps on giving

All courses we offer at Sussex Business School are available to purchase as a gift in a single and quick transaction. You will receive a Gift Certificate which you can print and personalise or simply forward to your lucky giftee. The prospective student will then be able to choose the units of study with our onboarding team and complete the enrolling process.

6 months money back guarantee

Your Gift Voucher is refundable within 6 months of purchase subject to a £75 administration fee if the giftee was unable to enroll during this time. Please review our Refunds Policy before making a purchase.

Transferable Gift Course credit

If you purchase a wrong course as a gift, your giftee can transfer the credit to any other course we offer during the enrollment process.

A course for any occasion and budget

Courses available from £362 inclusive, and range from Professional Development quick courses to a full Degree or Masters equivalents.

Business Management Courses

Online self-study Business Management courses for academic progression

Courses as a gift for anyone looking to improve their career and skills. OTHM courses are particularly suitable for those looking to attain a Degree or Masters equivalent while studying from home.

Professional Development Courses

Online self-study Management and Leadership courses

Courses as a gift for team leaders, managers, and directors for career progression and professional development

course as a gift

Not sure which course to buy?

Our course specialists are ready to assist you

Our course specialists are available for a free 30 minutes consultation to discuss which course and budget may be most suitable for your specific requirements and circumstances. Book your 30 minutes slot with one of our advisors for a free, no-obligation discussion.

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