CMI Level 5 Diploma Professional Consulting

£124.00 / month for 12 months and a £252.00 Registration Fee

CMI Level 5 Diploma in Professional Consulting

This course is designed for those currently working as professional consultants in all sectors and for those seeking to become consultants. The consultant training focuses on developing skills such as problem solving, and planning and managing consultancy sessions, enabling you to build successful client relationships.

The Diploma consists of 6 units and a minimum of TUT 430 (Total Unit Time).
Learners must complete all units in Group A and 3 units from Group B.

Group A
5030 Planning and Managing Consultancy Interventions (TUT 80)
5032 The Client Relationship (TUT 80)
5034 Problem Solving Tools and Techniques for Consultants (TUT 90)

Group B
5029 Introduction to Consulting Essentials (TUT 80)
5031 The Role and Responsibilities of a Consultant (TUT 60)
5033 Communication for Consultants (TUT 70)
5009 Project Development and Control (TUT 60)
5017 Coaching Practice and Theory (TUT 60)
5019 Management of Action Learning (TUT 60)
6003 Planning the Change Process (TUT 70)

This purchase includes the CMI Registration Fee and 6 units with a 0% payment plan over 12 months. Your first payment includes the CMI Registration fee. We can assist you in choosing your units after your purchase.