CMI Level 7 Certificate Strategic Management Leadership

£165.30 / month for 3 months and a £252.00 Registration Fee

CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

Equivalent to a Master’s Degree, the online CMI Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership course, is designed for Managers who are already operating at the strategic level and is designed to improve your ability to implement fundamental management and leadership models within your organisation’s strategic framework. The qualifications have been designed for practicing or aspiring managers in roles such as: Senior Manager, Regional Manager, Specialist Manager (with expertise in a specific business or technical function such as quality, finance, risk, marketing, sales IT, human resources, etc.), Director or CEO.

The Certificate consists of 2 Units of your choice from the list below with a transferable credit value of a minimum of 140 TUT / 14 credits.

701 Strategic Leadership (TUT 110)
702 Leading and Developing People to Optimise Performance (TUT 100)
703 Collaboration and Partnerships (TUT 70)
704 Developing Organisational Strategy (TUT 90)
705 Leading Strategic Change (TUT 80)
706 Finance for Strategic Leaders (TUT 90)
707 Organisational Design and Development (TUT 80)
708 Strategic Risk Management (TUT 80)
709 Strategic Management of Data and Information (TUT 80)
710 Marketing Strategy (TUT 80)
711 Entrepreneurial Practice (TUT 90)
712 Strategic Management Project (TUT 100)
713 Applied Research for Strategic Leaders (TUT 90)
714 Personal and Professional Development for Strategic Leaders (TUT 90)
715 Strategic Approaches to Equality Diversity and Inclusion (TUT 80)
716 Strategic Approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing (TUT 70)


This purchase includes the CMI Registration Fee and 2 units of your choice with 3 months 0% payment plan. Your first payment includes the Registration Fee. We can assist you in choosing your unit after your purchase.