6 Leadership Trends For 2019

6 Leadership Trends For 2019

New year, new goals! When it comes to improving as a manager or a leader, there are many good times to improve your leadership. And whilst the best time was yesterday, the second-best time is now – happy new year!

Here are our 6 leadership trends for 2019.

Management Style

What management style do you think you have? It is important to regularly reflect upon how you are performing as a manager and ensure it is the most effective management style for your team. What is it that they need? A manager sets the precedence, so we recommend highlighting goals in your strategy.

Simple Structures

You might think that success demands a more complicated structure, but you’d be wrong! A little goes a long way when it comes to your annual structure analysis. After all, business is busy and a company with a complicated structure cannot survive a fast-paced market. Instead of talking your team into a complicated confusion, try providing just the basics – the goals they individually and departmentally need to reach and what they need to do to get there.

 Micromanage Less, Delegate More

Believe it or not, work does not get done quicker because a manager is all over it. In fact, a good manager knows when to step back, acknowledge that they hired the best staff for the right roles and let them get on with it! Micromanagement can hinder performance and new contributions. Doing less and leading more is key.

Take Employee Feedback

Managers who do not listen or value their employees’ feedback do not have a clear understanding of the work environment or what people hope will change at the business. Burnout and employee stress is causing more absences and underperformance than ever, and it is clear that corporations and managers must invest more time in getting to know their employees and keep an eye on their wellbeing. Unhappy employees will leave, after all!

Start Flexible Working

More businesses than ever before are applying flexible working. Managers who acknowledge that their employees have lives and many commitments other than work tend to have better employee-boss relationships with equal investment in each other’s values. It’s also important to ensure employees are taking in new knowledge and having time to wind down and relax rather than just overworking themselves into a mindless frenzy. Read our recent blog on managing energy over time for more information.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology has never been better so there’s no longer an excuse for your business to be sitting in the dark ages. Technology helps your employees do their jobs quicker and more effectively. It also helps employee training because they can improve and learn new skills from wherever they are! Our management courses are CMI accredited and globally recognised and have helped managers at all levels improve their skills.

These 6 leadership trends will help your business stay on the pulse, engaging and maintaining healthy and happy staff who can help the business reach their 2019 goals.


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