Coaching the Uncoachable

Coaching the Uncoachable

A manager has many roles and responsibilities and coaching and mentoring their employees is a big one! In fact, a manager who doesn’t might see that his employees don’t feel valued and leave. There are, however, great managers who have employees that just can’t be coached.

Here’s how to coach the uncoachable.

Identifying the Uncoachable

Identifying the uncoachable is fairly easy as they tend to display typical negative behaviours.  Uncoachable behaviour might look like understanding but not following the company’s values and strategy, not acknowledging their accountability and appearing somewhat lazy. They can be overly sensitive and lack intuition, or perhaps the desire or interest to motivate themselves.

Are you recognising these behaviours?

Then you’ve got yourself an un-coachable!

Show That You Care

When it comes to motivating employees, the relationship works both ways. It helps if your employees care about you and the company and want to help progress the business. Lead by example by showing that you care and are hardworking and motivated. Equally, dedicate time and training to your employees to show that you care about their progress. Help them with their goals and they’ll help with your goals.

Build Authority

Some managers believe that authority is talking loudly and ensuring that you are heard. They believe that authority looks like having the last say and giving orders. Good managers know that authority is authority of knowledge and when employees see and appreciate your knowledge, they are more likely to adhere to your suggestions. It is easier to resist orders than to resist logic!

Coaching the Uncoachable – Manage The Behaviours

There is always some reason behind a feeling. That means that the uncoachables may be suffering from feeling neglected or not valued – so neither of you should take the situation personally. Instead, aim to manage the behaviour rather than the person. Show them how to redirect their actions into more effective ones.

Only after you have exhausted all alternatives is it time to admit defeat. It is always far easier to correct behaviours and adjust your coaching methods than to fire and re-hire!

If you need further help with coaching the uncoachable, try our Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring course. 


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