Employee Engagement

How to Measure Employee Engagement

How to Measure Employee Engagement

Do you know how engaged your employees are?

Since engagement is an emotion that is hard to quantify, probably not!

A certain level of emotional intelligence is needed to try to quantify employee engagement so, for the most part, you’ll have to be intuitive!

Look for key indicators

There are a few key indicators when it comes to employee engagement.

For example, how happy and comfortable do employees seem at work?

Are they self-motivated and taking on work tasks by themselves or do they spend time looking for tasks to take on?

Does your team seem close-knit and well-functioning or is there a clear lack of communication and breaks in the chain?

How to get clear and measurable answers

There are a few ways you can ensure employees fill you in on their engagement.

Provide feedback forms – anonymous might be best if you’re looking for honesty!

Organise one on ones that give employees a chance to discuss what they need to feel engaged.  For the most part, acknowledging their personal growth and fostering a reward system helps employees maintain engagement and chase their ambitions!

By committing to acknowledge, measure and improve employee engagement, you demonstrate to your employees that you care about their wellbeing and their career and this ensures a happy work team!


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