Post Coronavirus and Work

Post Coronavirus and Work

With lockdown starting to ease and many businesses letting their employees return to work, the next challenge we face is coping with the ‘new normal’.

What this will actually look like is going to vary from industry to industry.

The key to the post coronavirus work world, is putting a back to work strategy together in all circumstances.

It’s essential to create not only a safe atmosphere but give employees the confidence and support they need, especially if they have been furloughed.

Remote Teams and How to Manage Them

While some will be returning to the physical office environment, with this post coronavirus work world, others can still carry out their work remotely from home.

According to the statistics, around 70% of us had never worked remotely before but now that we’ve had a little practice, many businesses are seeing the benefits of continuing in this manner, at least for the near future.

But how do you effectively manage a team that is working from home?

Now is the right time to review your processes as a manager.

One issue is how efficient and productive the team is working remotely.

There may be software options that can improve performance and some of the operating budget may have to be directed towards this to make it work better.

There are also the logistics of how you keep those members of the workforce who are returning to the office safe.

  • How are you going to space them out?
  • What rules do you need in place to ensure social distancing and safety?
  • How are you going to monitor everything and ensure compliance, not just in the early days but for some time to come?

Health and wellbeing are going to be central pillars for return to work in this post coronavirus work world and remote working strategies.

It’s important to have regular one to ones with staff and ensure they are coping properly and can manage their workloads.

This is likely to be a situation that is going to last for a while which is why it is the perfect time to start reviewing policies and procedures to see if they need to be updated.

The New Normal and How to Take Advantage

We may have seen a quiet revolution over the last few months.

Forced into crisis management, many businesses have found new ways of working that could be highly beneficial.

Where there may have been clearly defined and immovable procedures in the past, with ways of doing things set in stone, some businesses have seen first hand the benefits of flexibility in the workplace.

Some employees will be happy to return to work.

Others, particularly if they are in the at-risk population or live with someone who is, will be more reticent.

It’s up to managers and leaders to explore new ways of collaborating and encouraging alternative working styles.

That could mean being more flexible with working hours and finding news ways to ensure those operating remotely are kept in the loop.

How, for example, do you run a meeting where half the staff are in the office but the rest are at home?

How do you coordinate different team members who are collaborating on a project but working form different locations?

There is no doubt that managers and leaders across the UK face big challenges when it comes to employee wellbeing and productivity in this brave new world we have found ourselves in.

While this has largely been foisted upon the working population, however, it could have some highly beneficial consequences.

Post Coronavirus is the perfect time to start planning and embracing new approaches that could seriously change the way we all do business.


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