What Can Managers Learn from Brexit?

With Brexit looming ever closer, it’s no wonder managers, leaders and CEOs are beginning to show concerns.

Almost every manager I know wants to prepare.

Unfortunately, since it’s not been done before, the effects of Brexit cannot be accurately predicted but, as with most moments of change, we’re sure it will be a learning curve for everyone.

So, what exactly can we managers learn from Brexit?


How to Prepare for Big Change

Brexit is nothing if not a big change.

Change regularly scares managers and can send the team into disarray.

If you’ve ever changed your company’s processes, you’ll know the chaos that can ensue!

As with Brexit, the key to a smooth transition is in preparation – and as Theresa May’s recent defeat in court demonstrates, if you fail to prepare, you should prepare to fail!

From personal experience, changes within a company are a lot easier on everyone if everyone is kept informed and have the space to add to the discussion.


Good Communication is Key

Brexit was always expected to be somewhat problematic but there have been many bumps in the road that could have been avoided.

For example, many a time we were told what would and would not be accepted within the deal – and still wrote those elements into the deal.

As a manager myself, I find that nothing frustrates employees more than feeling out of the loop.

Equally, nothing instils chaos more than Chinese whispers! Communicate changes long before they happen and allow people to communicate concerns and ideas.


Everyone Offers Valuable Information

Following on from open channels of communication, recognise that every single one of your employees has had different experiences and can therefore offer something different to the conversation.

Every manager knows data is valuable so be sure to collect as much of it as possible.

As Theresa May soon learned, local MPs know the opinions of the people and should have been made a priority in creating a deal to make the majority happy.


Always Have a Plan B

Not all plans are successful and that’s okay. A failed plan does not make a failed manager!

When a plan does fail, the team will look to you for what to do next, and from personal experience, a blank grimace will not do!

Brexit has not always gone to plan either, but the key is in creating a diagram with realistic expectations and fail-safes.

Approach all long-term plans with an ‘if not A then B’ strategy and you’ll not be caught out without a plan?


Non-Transparency Will Catch You Out

Don’t sell your ideas based on untruths because, as we have seen with Brexit, all will be revealed in the end!

Your employees will respect transparency and will be able to help contribute to plans and prepare for all eventualities when they know the full story.

Change is a lot less scary for everyone when it is properly understood and prepared for.

So, what can managers learn from brexit

Good managers see every experience as a learning experience! What have you learned from Brexit?

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