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10 Invaluable Habits Managers Should Practice

Companies have to react to change, meaning managers need to regularly make changes too.

Work culture, even just in the last decade, has changed drastically, but we rarely see companies prioritising the upkeep of training for staff.

The best managers take time to self-reflect and best react to changes.

Here are 10 invaluable habits every manager should practice.

Efficient Meetings

Inefficient meetings are a common pet peeve for most people – spurring on a great amount of office stationary with the slogan, ‘this could have been an email’.

As a general rule, only invite those who are needed at a meeting and only take the time you need and no longer.

Work Benefits

We hear too many managers say that they offer their staff a fulfilling role – but nothing is as fulfilling as a pay check that reflects employees’ experience and matches those of competing companies and includes a good amount of benefits such as free food and employee discounts!

Encourage Sharing of Knowledge

Most managers and HR now recognise the importance of developing skills and providing employees with regular training, but it’s also beneficial to encourage the sharing of knowledge within the team.

Everybody brings their own skills and expertise to the table!


Good managers know that patience is key! Rushing employees to project completion can result in silly mistakes and oversights. Have patience in the transfer of skills and the completion of tasks.


Micromanagement is another pet peeve of many employees.

A boss breathing over an employee’s shoulder never did any good!

You know yourself that you have hired the best people for the job so trust them to do it justice!

Good Communication

Too often a failed task is one that was not properly clarified.

When you assign a project, be sure to clarify your expectations and recommend any processes you wish for employees to follow for best efficiency.

Equally, employees who know they can come to you for anything will be more likely to approach you when something is going awry so you can assist before the problem develops.


There is little use in making big promises to your employees that you do not follow through on.

Managers must maintain integrity in order to be trusted and respected within the team.

Follow up on conversations and promises and always do as you say!

Observant Mediation

Just as there is no smoke without a fire, there is rarely an office free of some form of politics.

Employees will look to you to make good judgements of character so don’t believe everything you hear and approach all and any office politics with patient observations and be ready to mediate the morale at any given time.


We know managing a business you are passionate about is no mean feat and we understand that passion is involved but fairness and cool headedness is always necessary in a manager.

You shouldn’t run into relationship problems if you remain fair.


The best managers know that gratitude makes the world go around!

Say ‘thank you’ often and give verbal recognition of good work. Reward employees where you can with what you can to maintain incentives and ensure employees feel valued.

Those that do will stay and continue to do well for your business for a long time!


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