Psycho Boss-5 Ways to Deal this Type of Manager

Five Ways To Deal With A Psycho Boss

Most of us who work for a living had have to endure the hardship of working with terrible bosses at one point in our careers. We do this because we need to pay the bills and the thought of being broke and homeless just doesn’t sit well. When you do have to put up with a psycho boss or one who likes to bully his or her employees, it takes an immense amount of perseverance to stick around, despite your actual need for the job and the money.

If you have a psycho boss who is making your life miserable, keep reading as we are going to share some helpful tips that will make dealing with your horrible boss easier.

Here Are Some Things That You Can Do To Survive Working With A Psycho Boss, While Still Making Yourself More Productive:

  • Assess Your Situation: 

You need to determine your level of dependence on your boss. Consider whether having a negative relationship with the boss will affect your productivity or not and consider whether the boss is actually guilty in creating a bad workplace.

Finally, consider whether his/her beef seems to be directed only at you. Make a list of your own faults and mistakes and find out whether you are contributing to the current situation.

  • Empathise:

Take a moment to consider what your boss is dealing with right now both personally and professionally. Pressure at home or tight deadlines could cause them to become stressed out. In fact, your boss may have a difficult boss himself.

It is a good thing to put yourself in their shoes. Your boss will notice if you show understanding.

  • Be Tactful:

It is important to be open in your communication at work, so you can deal with any kind of delicate situation. Before you speak, it is important to think things through.

Tension may run even higher when you say wrong things at the wrong time so it is important to carefully choose your words.

  • Vent Frustrations Properly:

Dealing with a psycho boss could wear you down gradually. A safe way to vent your frustration is to speak with family members, coworkers and trusted friends.

When asking people for opinions, avoid people who just add fuel to your fire without providing real solutions.

  • Never Burn Bridges:

No matter how difficult a boss is, it is important to be aware that you will eventually need him/her in the future. When you decide to find a new job, you will need your boss as a reference.

Potential employers will contact your boss or direct supervisor. Anything that raises red flags will require some explanation. You should avoid things that might compromise your reputation.

If, after you have tried everything above, contact human resources and explain to them what you are dealing with.

Be sure to document any dealing with your boss and give that information to your HR representative. This will ensure that you avoid any negative backlash and that you show the seriousness of your concerns.

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