Creative Managers

Are Creative Managers Important?

Creative Managers

Managers are often associated with strategy, planning and structure.

How often do you associate management with creativity?

The truth is that you should because creativity is a very important aspect of management that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Boring business

Of course, every manager has boring business to contend with.

Plans need to be made, rules need to be enforced and numbers need close attention to achieve long-term success.

There is no shortage of complications in business – but that’s all the more reason to be creative!

Creative management

The most creative and resourceful of managers will be able to think on their feet and contribute creative solutions to complex problems the business runs into.

Thinking outside the box is a key skill in business and there are many other ways managers can bring creativity into the company.

Creative managers can create a friendly work atmosphere and think of fun team-building activities to maintain a close-knit company.

Creative managers are also more likely to have charisma and inspiring leadership.

Creative managers recognise the need for their employees to also be creative, leaving them more space and authority to intuitively craft their own ideas and solutions.

Squashing creativity and independent thinking can prevent new business ideas from the people who understand it the most.

Creativity also helps managers maintain a grip on the bigger picture.

Day to day skills and tasks can lead to a small mind-set which loses focus on longer-term goals.

Ambition and creativity tend to go hand in hand when it comes to achieving goals and managing successes.

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