Value of Strategic Managers

 Value of Strategic Managers in Management

Business managers, regardless of their current success, must become strategic managers  if they want their organisation to be successful in an ever-changing market.

Achieving business goals

Managers with good strategic thinking will have clear and established goals and be able to work backwards, devising clear and efficient steps to achieve those goals.

Managers who understand these steps are more likely to give clear communications to employees.

Employees value clear instructions and their part to play in achieving the business’ goals.

Employees who understand their own value to a company are much more likely to have high job satisfaction and be loyal to a company.

Creating a good work environment

Managers with good strategic thinking are better at recognising individual skills and strengths.

This means they can better place employees in the right roles for them.

Strategic managers recognise personalities that gel together well and those that don’t, which helps create much more efficient teams and departments.

Monitoring success

Strategic managers know that tasks must be monitored to ensure efficiency and progress.

Each goal and its respective processes can be measured and strategic managers know how to quantify business progress and successes.

If something isn’t returning its investment, strategic managers will change the process accordingly to ensure a smooth-running business in a constantly changing environment.

For more advice and a globally recognised qualification in strategic management, see our CMI Level 6 Strategic Management and Leadership course here.



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