Looking for a fresh start?

fresh start as a project manager

In the post-pandemic world, many self-employed long-timers have lost their businesses and are faced with entering the job market. This could be a daunting prospect for someone who has been in control of their life and business for a very long time and is suddenly faced with looking for a fresh start and evaluating their skills and experience, and wondering what to do next.

When Adults Learn

When Adults Learn There is a lot of talk lately of how adults learn, finding the right learning style and how to make the most of it. But with full-time work, exciting social lives and so much to do, we think the real question might be when do adults learn? How do you find the […]

Make the Most of This Lockdown

What to Do at Home to Make the Most of This Lockdown and Come Out on Top! The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown and social distancing measures that followed have been a learning curve for us all. Many of us may feel as though life has come to a standstill. Without commutes, going to work […]

3 Ways Managers Lose Respect at the Christmas Party

3 Ways Managers Lose Respect at the Christmas Party Tis the season to be jolly – and remember that your Christmas party is still a formal setting after all, and some office rules still apply! With Christmas work do’s happening all over the world, it’s never been a better time to remind people what they […]

Sussex Business School – New Look!

Sussex Business School’s New Look! What’s New on Our Website You may have noticed that Sussex Business School’s website has had a fresh new look!. We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop a user-friendly website and are pleased to unveil the new website to everyone, both current students and prospective students. We […]

The Human Skills AI Can’t Master

The Human Skills AI Can’t Master Which You Absolutely Should With AI and robotic machines becoming as much a part of working life as computers, the discussion around how to stay relevant and employable grows more complex. If a company can buy machines instead of paying employees, of course they will – and this does […]

Gender Equality in the Workplace

5 Ways to Create Gender Equality in the Workplace Gender equality in the workplace remains one of the most contentious and widely discussed issues of modern time, not only in the workplace, but in the wider world. The same pay for the same job, on the surface, sounds fair and equitable. So why is it […]

Importance of Good Management Skills in Business

The Importance of Good Management Skills in Business With such good tools, advice and resources at our fingertips these days, there are more new businesses than ever. Not everybody who creates a business is prepared to be a manger but the important thing to remember is that management isn’t a skill you are or are […]

Psycho Boss-5 Ways to Deal this Type of Manager

Five Ways To Deal With A Psycho Boss Most of us who work for a living had have to endure the hardship of working with terrible bosses at one point in our careers. We do this because we need to pay the bills and the thought of being broke and homeless just doesn’t sit well. […]