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coaching vs mentoring

Coaching vs Mentoring the lowdown

Quite frequently, in Management the words ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’ are used as if they’re one and the same. They’re not. Any leader or manager can benefit from both and needs to understand how, when, and why they might be helpful.

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emotions and conflict resolution

Emotions and Conflict Resolution Part 4

Emotions and conflict resolution. In every altercation there will be a great deal of emotion. Emotion is great at helping us to express our hurt to other parties and it also helps us to free ourselves from pent-up frustrations that would make us ill were we to internalise them.

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helicopter view conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution Part 3

When you enter an argument between two people your very presence affects the situation and adds a third dimension on it. The next time two people are talking together anywhere (yes, even at a party) join them and see how their conversation changes.

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Conflict Resolution Part 2

Wherever people are together there is conflict. When you work with difficult people in a team you are not just working with individuals – you are also working with something that is going on between individuals.

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Conflict Resolution Part 1

Reinforcing the benefits of a positive outcome. Teams are always on the flux. If they are working well as a team then any upset from one team member will affect everyone as there should be some group empathy taking place.

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fresh start as a project manager

Looking for a fresh start?

In the post-pandemic world, many self-employed long-timers have lost their businesses and are faced with entering the job market. This could be a daunting prospect for someone who has been in control of their life and business for a very long time and is suddenly faced with looking for a fresh start and evaluating their skills and experience, and wondering what to do next.

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Self-development and leadership

Self-development can be a very rewarding and wonderful experience if approached with an open mind and a honest self-reflection. It can help building strong relationships and organisational culture, improve overall performance and wellbeing of everyone involved.

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Management and leadership courses online

Why study online

2020 was a turning point for global economies shift to an online remote workforce, and it is here to stay. So why study online? Learning online is a great opportunity to equip professionals with tools and techniques needed to move forward in a new world, and help to prepare them for career advancement, demonstrating key skills to potential employers.

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managing change

Managing change in the new normal

The world has changed, and remote working is here to stay. As a leader, you most likely know this already but what can you do to ensure your team continues to thrive and you smash your KPIs?

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