Difficult People Part 2

difficult people

All businesses need customers, but the customer relationship, however, does not have to be one-sided. Customers can be rude, difficult and downright annoying but you both need each other. If you are having serious problems with a customer, you might be tempted to think about the balance to which you both contribute to the transaction, and let a lower payback go.

Difficult People Part 1

difficult people

Customer issues generally fall under either Situational (issue with a product or service) or Personal (issue with a person).
In this article, we will deal with the latter, if the complaint seems to be directed at a person. Look out for the next article in the series: “Dealing with complaints about a product or service”

Why study online

Management and leadership courses online

2020 was a turning point for global economies shift to an online remote workforce, and it is here to stay. So why study online? Learning online is a great opportunity to equip professionals with tools and techniques needed to move forward in a new world, and help to prepare them for career advancement, demonstrating key skills to potential employers.

How to Concentrate in the Workplace

How to Concentrate in the Workplace It would seem that concentration is a rare commodity nowadays. We’re more willing to be distracted by the ‘shiny-shiny’ than ever before. There’s so much vying for our attention whether we’re at home or at work. Short attention spans might be down to our fast paced, digitised world but […]

How to Handle Office Politics – Emotion Vs Logic

How to Handle Office Politics – Emotion Vs Logic Office politics are unavoidable. Even if your current office has a fun and friendly environment, probability says you will face office politics at some point or another during your career. The important thing to remember is that there are actually rules! We’re going to show you […]

Why Promotion Breeds Incompetence in Managers

Why Promotion Breeds Incompetence in Managers Your best employees are not necessarily going to make the best managers, at least not without some form of training. That’s something many business owners don’t necessarily realise. A high flying salesperson, for example, might not be as good with organising staff as they are at selling your product. […]

Post Coronavirus and Work

Post Coronavirus and Work With lockdown starting to ease and many businesses letting their employees return to work, the next challenge we face is coping with the ‘new normal’. What this will actually look like is going to vary from industry to industry. The key to the post coronavirus work world, is putting a back […]

Is Sector Specific Experience Overrated

Is Sector Specific Experience Overrated Is sector specific work experience over valued – can you jump from working in hospitality to the legal profession? Is it easy to switch from the building homes in the construction industry to become a smooth operator in finance? Probably not. Some sector specific jobs require at least a few […]

Fatal Networking Mistakes for Managers

Fatal Networking Mistakes Whether you are developing your career, building a business or simply searching for a new job, networking is still one of the most powerful ways to get out and about to meet the right people. While building relationships both inside and outside of work is a good idea, however, getting it wrong […]

Why Good Employees Quit and How to Keep Them

Good Employees

Why Your Good Employees Are Quitting and How To Keep Them All businesses have some degree of turnover of staff. Even if good employees are completely happy working for your company, they may still decide to leave and for a wide range of reasons. It’s not always about the business itself. The problem for many […]